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"Benefit, from the subtle, inexhaustible, quantum emanations, that resonate within the crystaline minerals worn as adornments and treasures."

Whenever possible, bracelets and necklaces are strung with two lengths of vinyl coated multi-strand 0.38mm, 304 alloy, flexible stainless steel beading wire. When the beads are small, - the holes through the beads are usually smaller as a consequence. The beads of this sort will usually only allow one thickness of the 0.45mm alloy stainless steel beading wire, and for the very thin faceted minerals we may have to use a 0.30mm strand of the beading wire.

( The number of wire beading cords and the gauge of the stainless steel multi-strand wire will be stated. )

In keeping with tradition, the Tibetan style and other Tribal style bracelets may have a spring steel wire at their core. ( If so, it will be stated. )

If a necklace, or bracelet is strung with silk, polyester, or other type of beading cord, it will be stated as well.



The ends of the beading cords are reinforced with a miniture wire rope thimble to ensure longer service before it may require re-stringing.

Most decorative spacers, are made of zinc with a natural buffed finish, a few may be of copper that has been plated with silver.

Some other componets have been plated with 18 karat white gold. 

And a few with iridium.